FA Cup Semi Final

FA Cup Semi Final Temporada 2016-17

Here you find tickets for the FA Cup Semi Finals at Wembley Stadium.
Manchester United will play Manchester City in the first FA Cup semi-final on Saturday 16th April 2011, ko 17.15 hrs.
Stoke FC and Bolton Wanderers will contest the second semi-final on Sunday 17th April 2011, ko 16.00 hrs.
The tickets on sale will be suitable for fans of either teams in the final. Click on “READ MORE” to get more information about the game, or click on “BOOK” if you like to book tickets to the FA Cup Semi Finals in London in April at Wembley Stadium.

Calendario 2016-17

La temporada ha terminado. Venta de entradas para la nueva temporada en Junio/Julio

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